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Wouldn't you like to see this for your next electric bill?

How We Do It:


iSP delivers a complete home solar solution designed and engineered to deliver an unmatched combination of high energy production and excellent lifetime savings for your home.

iSP Offers:

Reliability You Can Count On

We innovate relentlessly to deliver the most advanced technology that stands up to real world conditions

The Highest Efficiency

With the highest efficiency solar panels available for your roof, your maximum energy savings starts from the day you switch your system on. 

Ion Solar Pros only offers the most efficient Tier 1 panels on the market today.

Panel features:

•    Monocrystalline wafers

•    Anti-reflection Technology

•    20% minimum Module Efficiency

isp_tier 1_panels_solar.png

Better Today and Tomorrow

Designed for optimal performance and longevity, our panels deliver more energy in the same space over 25 years versus conventional panels.

Produce More Electricity Than You Use?

Through a process called Net-Metering you can send electricity back the the energy provider and get a credit to your energy bank.

Steps to Going Solar

Evaluate Your Home

Your Energy Consultant will assess your roof’s size and positioning to determine the best roof configuration for your system.


Review Your Energy Bills and Needs

We will evaluate your current energy bills and take into consideration your future plans (electric cars, a new pool, renovations, etc.).

Receive Your Zero Commitment Savings Report

We’ll customize a solar solution for you with potential savings, and then provide a completely hassle-free experience.

By Choosing to Go Solar with iSP You'll Receive a Great Value & Best In-Class Installation

Ion Solar Pros goal is to provide the highest possible value for consumers that want to save money by going solar. One of the ways we’ve accomplished this is by offering solar systems with panels that produce more kilowatt hours than conventional panels. How do we do it?

• By using the highest wattage panels you can put on your roof

• That produce more power during the early morning and late afternoon

• And have the highest energy per rated watt over 25 years

You can count on our highly skilled team of certified installers. We provide the highest standards of quality and customer service.

• Our installers are the elite of the solar industry having been rigorously selected, trained and certified

• They receive industry leading design and installation training as well as continuing education to insure they keep up with the most current best in class practices.

Ready to Get a Quote and See What You Can Save? Let's do This!

Congratulations, you're one step closer to becoming energy independent!  Fill out the form below to receive your free customized savings report.

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