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ISP Solar Energy Company | A Game-Changing Solar Electric Company in Fairfield, CT

Join the movement towards cleaner, more sustainable energy with ISP Solar Energy Company in Fairfield, CT. We're here to help you lead the way in transforming how you generate, use, store, and even sell your own power. By harnessing the boundless energy of the sun, you not only save money but also become an advocate for a brighter tomorrow.


Our world is at a critical juncture. Fossil fuel emissions are a major contributor to global warming, with potentially irreversible consequences by 2030 if we don't act now. The solution? ISP PowerLink PowerHouse Systems. Choose ISP Solar Energy Company to pioneer cleaner energy, gain energy independence, and drive a generational shift towards sustainability.


With ISP Solar Energy Company, you'll save in more ways than one. Not just money but time, the environment, your peace of mind, and precious fossil fuels. Say goodbye to grid outages, reduce your carbon footprint, and embrace a reliable, sustainable energy source. When you're searching for "solar installers near me," we're your local partner in making this sustainable future a reality.

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Why We’re the Best Choice in Town | Best Solar Power Installers Near Me

As a solar company, we specialize in harnessing the sun's energy to generate, use, store, and sell clean, renewable power. Join us to make your world cleaner, sustainable, and financially smarter.


Uncompromising Commitment to Quality

At ISP Solar Power Installers, our foundation is built on quality. From the meticulous design of our systems to the seamless installation, we prioritize excellence in every step. Each ISP Solar Energy Company system is precision-engineered to ensure flawless performance. Our commitment to quality as the best solar provider near you extends to industry-leading warranties, covering product, power, production, and labor. We take pride in offering solar panels that outshine conventional ones, producing more kilowatt-hours while maintaining peak efficiency.


Seamless Integration for Electric Vehicles

Embrace the future of transportation effortlessly. Our expertise ensures your solar system and electric vehicles seamlessly accommodate the energy demands of your home and electric vehicle, providing a sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem tailored to your needs. When searching for "solar power companies near me," trust ISP Solar Energy Company to make your transition to clean energy and electric vehicle integration smooth and efficient.


Empowering Monitoring and Control

Take charge of your energy production with our cutting-edge monitoring features. Track your solar system's performance, access panel-level production details, monitor grid interactions, and reach out to our dedicated support team — all at your fingertips. As a leading commercial solar company, ISP Solar Energy Company allows you to manage power-hungry appliances effortlessly to optimize energy use.


Reliable Battery Backup for Peace of Mind

Don't let inclement weather or unexpected outages disrupt your life. Our battery storage solutions allow you to use surplus daytime energy during emergencies, ensuring that essential appliances remain operational. This liberates you from time-of-use rates and provides added energy independence.


Pinnacle of Efficiency with Premium Panels

Experience unmatched efficiency with our top-tier monocrystalline panels featuring anti-reflection technology and a minimum percent module efficiency of 20%. These panels outperform competitors in low-light conditions, handle shade gracefully, and maintain peak performance throughout their lifespan. When looking for superior solar power installers near you, ISP Solar Energy Company delivers the quality and reliability you seek.


Industry-Leading Warranty Assurance

Quality assurance is our hallmark. Every ISP Solar Energy Company system is meticulously designed to harmonize seamlessly, backed by comprehensive warranties from our Tier 1 technology providers and validated by our position as one of the top solar power companies near you. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, providing you with peace of mind.


Mastering Design & Installation as an Art Form

Our systems are not just functional but designed to be visually appealing. Our certified installers are among the best in the solar industry, delivering top-tier quality, craftsmanship, and professionalism. We view design and installation as art, ensuring optimal performance with elegant aesthetics. When you're exploring your options, remember that our team of expert solar installers near you is ready to make your transition to solar power seamless and efficient.


Residential and Commercial Solar Excellence

Whether you're a homeowner seeking to revolutionize your energy consumption or a business owner looking to enhance profitability, ISP Solar Power Installers has the needed expertise. Our tailored solar solutions cater to residential and commercial needs, offering clean, renewable energy while maximizing your return on investment.


When searching for "solar companies near me" or "solar providers near me," look no further than ISP Solar Power Installers — the local experts committed to transforming your energy consumption, reducing costs, and building a more sustainable future. Discover the difference with the finest solar installation company in town!

Explore Our PowerHouse Packages | Solar Installation Companies Near Me

Are you on the hunt for the best solar installation companies near you? Look no further! ISP Solar Energy Company offers a range of PowerHouse Packages tailored to meet your energy needs and exceed your expectations. Discover the future of solar with our industry-leading solutions and the PowerHouse Pledge.


PowerHouse Pro Package – Elevate Your Solar Experience

25-Year Product Warranty: Rest easy knowing your solar system is backed by a comprehensive product warranty.

ULTRA Low Profile Tier 1 Panels: Enjoy the sleek aesthetics of all-black monocrystalline sunpower solar panels, boasting 20.1% module efficiency. With a maximum degradation of just 0.55% (84.8% after 25 years), your investment is built to last.

String Inverter with Power Optimizers: Experience peak performance with our string inverter paired with power optimizers.

Innovative Low-Profile Racking: Our low-profile racking solution offers a seamless fit and a 25-year warranty. As a leading solar electric company, ISP Solar Energy Company ensures your solar installation is efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and durable.




PowerHouse Pro Plus Package – Extra Power, Extra Assurance

25-Year Product, Performance, and Labor Warranty: Enjoy comprehensive coverage for your solar investment.

ULTRA Low Profile Tier 1 Panels with Increased Power: Benefit from enhanced module efficiency at 20.6% and maximum degradation of just 0.50% (86% after 25 years) with our sunpower solar panels.

Intelligent Microinverters: Maximize production efficiency with intelligent microinverters backed by a 25-year warranty. When looking for reliable solar installation companies near you, trust ISP Solar Energy Company to provide advanced technology and long-term reliability. 


Innovative Low Profile Racking: Our racking solution ensures a seamless fit and carries a 25-year warranty.


PowerHouse Pro MX Package – Unleash the Ultimate Power

40-Year Product, Performance, and Labor Warranty: Embrace peace of mind with an extended warranty period.

ULTRA Low Profile Tier 1 Panels with Next-Level Power: Experience groundbreaking module efficiency at 21.9% and minimal degradation (0.25% after 25 years) with our sunpower solar panels.

Intelligent Microinverters: Maximize production with intelligent microinverters, offering a 25-year warranty. When looking for reliable solar panel companies near you, trust ISP Solar Energy Company to provide the advanced technology and long-term reliability.

Innovative Low Profile Racking: Our racking solution ensures a seamless fit and comes with a 25-year warranty. When you choose ISP Solar Energy Company as your solar electric company, you're selecting a package that unleashes unparalleled power.

Join the solar revolution with ISP Solar Energy Company and choose the PowerHouse Package that suits your needs. With the PowerHouse Pledge, we promise excellence at every turn as reliable solar providers near you. 


As a reliable solar company, we offer you the flexibility to change or cancel your agreement, a speedy installation process, professional craftsmanship, ongoing support, and the latest cutting-edge products. Take control of your energy future and make the switch to ISP Solar Energy Company today.

Enjoy the Best of Solar Energy at Home With Our Accessories

When harnessing the full potential of solar energy at home, ISP Solar Energy Company has you covered. Explore our range of essential solar accessories that elevate your solar experience to new heights. Whether you're enhancing your solar system or ensuring its optimal performance, we're your trusted partner among solar installation companies near you.


Battery Storage – Uninterrupted Power When You Need It

Backup Energy for Blackouts: Protect yourself from inconvenient blackouts with our home solar batteries and storage solutions. Our house battery backup system operates on safe, low-voltage power, ensuring your home remains powered during times of need.

EV Charger – Efficient Charging for Your Electric Vehicle

Safety-Certified and All-Weather: Our EV chargers are designed with your convenience and safety in mind. They are safety-certified and built to withstand all weather conditions, providing reliable and efficient charging for your electric vehicle. When you're searching for trustworthy and efficient solar power installers near you, you can count on us to deliver safe and dependable solutions 

Future-Proof Power Configurations: Our EV chargers support a range of power configurations to accommodate your current and future charging needs. Whether you have an electric car now or plan to get one in the future, our chargers have you covered.

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Trim Kit – Elevate the Aesthetics of Your Solar Array

Sleek Solar Array Enhancement: Add a touch of elegance to your solar array with our trim kits. These kits provide a sleek trim or skirt, enhancing the appearance of your solar system by covering the underside along the south edge or around the perimeter.

At ISP Solar Energy Company, we understand that solar energy is not just about functionality — it's about style, efficiency, and preparedness. Our range of accessories as a solar company ensures that you get the most out of your solar investment, with an eye on aesthetics, convenience, and future-proofing your energy needs.


Residential and Commercial Solar Company That Meets Your Needs

Whether you're a homeowner looking to save more than just money with solar or a business owner aiming to increase profitability, we've got you covered. Explore our offerings below and discover why choosing ISP Solar Energy Company, a trusted commercial solar company, is right for you. Our team of expert solar installers near you is ready to guide you toward a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.

Residential Solar - ISP Solar Energy Company

Residential Solar

What do you really save with solar energy at home? With ISP Solar Energy Company, you save more than just money. Our residential solar solutions help you:


  • Save Time: Say goodbye to the hassle of grid outages, enjoying uninterrupted power supply even during blackouts.

  • Save Money: Watch your electricity bills shrink as you generate your own clean energy.

  • Save the Earth: Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet. Turn to ISP Solar Energy Company, one of the top solar panel companies near you, for the solution you need.

  • Save Your Sanity: Experience peace of mind with reliable, sustainable energy.

  • Save Fossil Fuels: Each watt of solar energy produced takes us a step closer to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Choose ISP Solar Energy Company, one of the best solar companies nearby, for a brighter and greener future.


Highest Efficiency Panels Available

Our commitment to quality is evident in our monocrystalline panels with anti-reflection technology, boasting a minimum module efficiency of 20%. These panels outperform competitors in low-light conditions, handle shade gracefully, and maintain peak performance throughout their lifespan.When you're seeking top-notch solar solutions, trust ISP Solar Energy Company, your reliable solar energy contractors, to deliver unmatched efficiency.


Bundled with Enphase Microinverters

Our residential systems feature the smartest microinverters yet. These innovative Enphase microinverters maximize the power production of each panel efficiently. With IQ8 Microinverters, you'll benefit from grid-forming solar panel microinverters with split-phase power conversion capability, ensuring your energy conversion is both effective and sustainable. Experience cutting-edge technology with ISP Solar Energy Company, one of the best solar companies, to optimize your solar power generation.

Commercial Solar - ISP Solar Energy Company

Commercial Solar

Why invest in solar for your commercial property? Partnering with one of the best solar companies near you like ISP Solar Energy Company offers you a multitude of benefits:


  • Reduce Operating Expenses: Enjoy reduced operational costs for over 25 years.

  • Increase Equity: Take advantage of depreciation benefits while increasing your property's value.

  • Boost Profitability: Improve your business's bottom line.

  • Lower Tax Liability: Benefit from tax incentives while distinguishing your business as environmentally conscious.


Tailored Solar Projects for Businesses

We offer turn-key solar projects designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Our services, delivered by experienced solar energy contractors, include:


  • Design, engineering, and material sourcing

  • Permitting, construction, and inspection management

  • Utility grid connection

  • Comprehensive project management

  • Post-installation energy monitoring for performance assurance


Highest Efficiency Panels Available


Just like our residential solutions, our commercial systems feature high-efficiency monocrystalline panels with anti-reflection technology and a minimum module efficiency of 20%. These panels outperform competitors in various conditions, ensuring optimal energy generation.

FAQs About the Best Solar Panel Companies

  • What makes iSP standout?
    iSP is an award-winning clean technology installation company serving residential markets across the United States. We have been in business since 2010 and were recently named one of the Rising Star companies in the US. Our solar solutions are designed to make solar energy accessible, affordable and easy for homeowners in every market, and thus accelerate the development and adoption of clean energy solutions.
  • How do I know if I’m qualified? Who can become a iSP certified sales partner?
    If you have interest in or experience with solar energy systems, clean technology, renewable energy, and/or commission-based sales, then you’re well-positioned to succeed as an iSP sales member. That said, we’ve also had sales members enter our program with no previous experience in either sales or clean technologies and effectively leverage the training and resources into thriving careers.
  • What are the benefits? How can iSP help me grow my business?
    Sales members can earn $10,000/month by selling 4 deals. Benefit from: Marketing support Virtual sales training and ongoing support - Digital marketing and lead generation - Dedicated account management support - CRM platform specific to residential solar - Ability to sell in all markets iSP is serving - Monthly sales spiffs plus incentives and bonuses - Commissions paid weekly - Ongoing income potential - Multiple financing options for homeowners - Free design and engineering services - Fast cycle times and installation services - Options for medical, dental, and vision insurance - Autonomy to create
  • What is my financial commitment?
  • Can I use this as supplemental income or would I need to be full-time?
    Either. You can set your own hours, work from home, and decide how much or how little you engage with the platform. iSP sales members are paid on a commission-based structure plus monthly incentives and bonuses. Some use the platform to earn supplemental income while others have used it to grow full-time careers, businesses, and sales teams. Earn $10,000/month by selling 4 deals.
  • What type of training will I receive?
    Through a combination of self-guided training, live training, and 1:1 coaching, you’ll learn best practices and sales tools to prepare you for your certification exam and ultimately your sales career at iSP. We're here to help you succeed every step of the way!
  • What is my role as an iSP sales member?
    - Develop relationships with new and prospective customers - Meet with homeowners to deliver presentations, discuss options, and present proposals - Study and be able to outline optimal financing and system design solutions for customers - --- Manage customer expectations and sales cycle procedures for projects in progress - Generate opportunities by cultivating referrals from new and existing clients - Develop a keen understanding of the solar industry with an emphasis on the technical aspects of solar power systems and financing
  • What if I need help?
    Enterprise members will be matched with a channel manager to support your business and your team in continued sales growth. Individual members will be paired with a sales mentor to answer questions, offer support, and keep you up to date on the newest systems, resources, and offerings. All iSP sales members can also contact our member support team by email, phone or chat, or log in to your portal to access resources and support.
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Unlock the Full Potential of Clean Energy With ISP Solar Energy Company

At ISP Solar Energy Company, we're committed to providing top-tier residential and commercial solar solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our team of expert solar energy contractors is ready to guide you towards a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution. Get started today!

Questions? Contact us. We’ll help you build your system, today.

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