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REC Alpha Pure-R Solar Panels: A Game-Changer in Solar Energy

Ion Solar Pros is one of the few solar energy providers on the East Coast selected by the renowned REC Group to install its revolutionary Alpha Pure-R Solar Panels. Founded in 1996 with headquarters in Norway, REC has manufactured approximately 38 million solar panels, enough to power more than 16 million people at home. The company is an international powerhouse, known and trusted for its innovative products and world-class solar energy systems for residential homes, businesses, and utilities.

So, what makes REC’s Alpha Pure-R Solar Panels different? Here are highlights of the key features and benefits for consumers:

· Advanced Cell Connection Technology for Higher Efficiency

o Alpha Pure-R Solar panels combine the best of modern solar cell technology and are highly efficient for maximum performance. Because the cells are larger than typical solar cells, they capture more light for more energy generation.

o An increased number of wires than typical solar panels greatly improves the flow of electrical current. At the same time, these wires are very thin and barely visible.

o Because cells are solder-free, the risk of cell damage or microcracks from invasive soldering is eliminated. and the panels are more durable and compact.

o Panels are divided into 4 sections, producing even more energy in the shade.

o Support bars protect cells and glass from bending under load.

· Premium Warranty

o REC’s quality products have an extremely low claims rate, which justifies an outstanding 25-year warranty on its products, performance, and even a 25-year labor warranty in the event a panel needs to be serviced.

· Improved Aesthetics and Environmental Impact

o Concerned how the solar panels will look on your roof? Full-black, gapless cells make panels sleek and stylish. Moreover, while most solar panels on the market today contain lead and other toxins, the environmentally-friendly manufacturing process has removed all lead from the components of Alpha Pure-R solar panels.

Interested in knowing more? Contact Ion Solar Pros today at 866-582-0000.


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