Why Invest in Solar for Your Commercial Property? 


Reduce operating expenses for 25+ years

Increase equity and take advantage of depreciation

Increase the value of your commercial property

Improve profitability

Lower your tax liability

Distinguish your business as a green facility

If solar is good for them, why wouldn't it be good for you?

Ion Solar SunPower Dealer CT
Ion Solar SunPower Dealer CT
Ion Solar SunPower Dealer CT
Ion Solar SunPower Dealer CT
Ion Solar SunPower Dealer CT
Ion Solar SunPower Dealer CT


With solar adoption expanding exponentially among homeowners, solar power is also an attractive investment for business and commercial property owners. Whether your business is a medical facility, office building, restaurant, farm, storage facility or any other commercial establishment, solar technology will help you to become even more profitable.

We Offer Turn-key Solar Projects for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

  • Design, engineering, and material sourcing

  • Permitting, construction, and inspection management in accordance with local regulations

  • Working directly with your utility to connect to the power grid

  • Project management during every step of the way

  • Post-installation energy monitoring to assure predicted performance and secure your investment


Commercial Case Studies


Texas Brewery Saves More Than $7,000 Annually With Solar


America’s first 100% philanthropic craft brewery is estimated to save $230,000 over 25 years

Location Marble Falls, TX

System Size 48.6 kW

Installation Type: Rooftop

Estimated Annual Savings: 


Estimated Electricity Offset: 


Estimated 25 Year Savings



Rehme Steel Covers 100% of its Electricity Needs with Solar

Texas door and window manufacturer Rehme Steel covers 100% of its electricity needs with solar that will save them over $338,000 and pay back in under 4 years.



Spicewood, TX

System Size 81 kW

Installation Type: Rooftop

Estimated Electricity Offset: