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Grow Your Sales. Boost Your Impact.

When you join iSP, you become a part of our global family of sales professionals and partners dedicated to transform the solar industry. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, accelerate your earnings or sell more, iSP can help make it happen with a future powered by solar. Join our rapidly growing team of sales professionals and industry leaders. Get the resources you need to expand your reach in the solar industry.










iSP is a consumer centric brand created to connect and engage with today’s homeowners. The company’s dedicated marketing support allows you to communicate and create value for every consumer. As part of the iSP team, you will receive comprehensive and expansive marketing for every area of your business.


Only iSP offers the technology and platform for you to grow your business and expand your reach in solar. Connect with more homeowners, track leads, access to unlimited content and close more sales – all in one place.

Training and Dedicated Support

iSP offers a comprehensive training program that includes live training where sales professionals can participate in virtual classrooms or in person led by leading solar professionals in the field.


Advance your career with room for growth!  Our model is designed to maximize services and profit without compromising execution and quality.

Grow Your Sales. Boost Your Impact with the iSP Mobile App

iSP’s proprietary app offers the business tools for today’s sales professionals in the solar industry. With build in lead generation technology, the iSP Mobile App offers you the ability to run your business, anywhere at anytime.  


As sales professionals, we are inherently mobile and iSP’s proprietary app creates an environment that allows you to generate leads, close sales and build a team anywhere, anytime! iSP’s technology is an innovative approach to communicate and connect with the human behind the device; training and mentoring to help you find your very best self; marketing and advertising tools help you get noticed and sell more; lead generation to keep business flowing and leadership throughout the nation to support you along the way. 

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Using a Touch Phone

Earn More with iSP

Solar Sales Made Simple:

1. Sign up today

2. Schedule your training

3. Grow your business

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“iSP is a company founded and built on human potential, focused on one thing; delivering opportunities where people can succeed... iSP prides itself on the highest standards, dedication, integrity, and loyalty. Our unique business model was specifically designed to create an environment where both employees and consumers can thrive”

Bill Barrieau

iSP Founder & CEO

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Best-in-Class Benefits

  • Solar sales platform to process all solar leads

  • Dedicated account management support

  • Solar design and engineering services

  • Custom solar proposal creation

  • Training and financial services

  • Customer account management services

  • Live support via phone, chat, and email

Scale your business. On your terms. 

Two ways to partner:


Individual Sales Members

If you’re in the business of selling clean technologies, then we want to partner with you. iSP’s Individual Sales Members are solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and independent contractors who value the freedom to set their own hours, the autonomy to shape their own success and the security of proven support.

Talking on the phone

Become a Business Partner

iSP’s Business Partner Program is designed for Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships and Corporations to scale their book of business. Rely on services and internal sales support to grow your venture from the business you have into the business you seek. 

Why iSP?

Since 2010, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners across the US access clean solar energy with end-to-end solutions that promise results you can track and savings you can count on.

11 Years in Business
100s of trusted sales members and partners
1000+ clients served
Across 8 states
95% of clients recommend us
B - Impact score 94.2

The average iSP homeowner saves more than $18,000 over 25 years by going solar.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Ion Solar Pro LLC is an equal employment opportunity (EEO) to all applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, age, disability, or genetics. In addition to federal law requirements, we comply with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location that we facilitate. Ion Solar Pro LLC follows the U.S. Equal Opportunity policies regarding Coronavirus and Covid-19 policies.  We are a proud promoter of employment opportunities to our Military and Veterans.

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