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Ion Solar Pros (iSP) Announced Winner of the 2023 BBB Innovative Marketing Award

Campaign Behind iSP's PowerHouse Systems Earns Recognition from the BBB



[Middlebury, CT – December 8th, 2023] – Ion Solar Pros (iSP) proudly announces its prestigious win of the 2023 BBB Innovative Marketing Award. The esteemed recognition was bestowed upon iSP at the Annual Connecticut BBB Award ceremony held on Thursday, December 7th, at the Inn at Middletown, honoring iSP's exemplary achievements in innovative marketing.

From left to right, Tom Labbe, Todd Carew, Robert Zappone, Brad Deveran, Bill Barrieau,  Allyson Marroquin, Fred Stevens, Jason Calabrese
iSP Accepts 2023 CT BBB Innovative Marketing Award

The BBB Innovative Marketing Award celebrates outstanding accomplishments in the field of marketing, emphasizing criteria such as creative thinking, strategic planning translating into demonstrable positive outcomes, and the embodiment of ethical marketing practices.

iSP excelled in every facet, standing out for their:

  • Creative Thinking: ISP's innovative approaches in marketing captivated audiences and set new benchmarks for originality.

  • Strategic Planning: Their carefully crafted strategies resonated profoundly with audiences, yielding tangible and positive results.

  • Ethical Marketing: ISP's commitment to transparency, responsiveness, honesty, and integrity in all consumer interactions underscored their ethical marketing stance.

Bill Barrieau, CEO of Ion Solar Pros, expressed gratitude and pride in accepting the award on behalf of the ISP team. He remarked, "This recognition is a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of our team. At ISP, we prioritize innovation, ethical practices, and connecting meaningfully with our audience. Winning the BBB Innovative Marketing Award validates our commitment to these principles."

What sets iSP apart from most solar providers is their customer-first approach. In a bold move to empower customers, iSP offers quotes for all three systems to each customer, giving them the power to make informed decisions based on their unique energy needs and budget considerations. This approach mirrors the business models of successful companies like Apple and Dell, allowing customers to "shop within the brand" and choose the most suitable product.

For more information about the Powerlink PowerHouse Systems or to schedule a product demonstration, visit, or call 866-582-0000.

Ion Solar Pros continues to revolutionize the marketing landscape with their forward-thinking initiatives, driving not only business success but also setting benchmarks for ethical marketing practices.

iSP, headquartered in Middlebury, CT, is a progressive provider of solar energy solutions, committed to guiding customers towards energy independence. They lead the transition towards easily accessible, efficient, renewable, and cost-effective solar energy solutions.

For more information:

Contact: Public Relations Department, Ion Solar Pros



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