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Residential Solar

What do you really save with solar?

You can save more money with better solar, and you can save more than just money with Ion Solar Pros! Save time, save fossil fuels, save yourself the hassle of grid outages—with Ion Solar Pros solar + storage you don’t have to choose.




the Earth,

your sanity,

& fossil fuels.

Highest Efficiency Panels Available

Monocrystalline wafers | Anti-reflection Technology | 20% minimum Module Efficiency

Ion Solar Pros only offers the most efficient Tier 1 panels on the market today. Our panels have positive tolerance; the panels we use always produce at least as much power, or more, as when they are new. The panels we use:  

•    Produce more in low light conditions

•    Have no wires on the surface of the cell to block sunlight

•    Are better at handling shade than other panels

•    Degrade more slowly than other panels

•    Operate at a lower temperature which improves their performance

isp solar panels.png

See Our PowerLink PowerHouse Packages - Systems Designed to Outperform

Built-in Enphase Microinverters

The smartest microinverter yet.


Advanced technology to maximize the power production of each panel.

The newest IQ8 Microinverters are the industry's first grid-forming solar panel microinverters with split-phase power conversion capability to convert DC power to AC power efficiently.

Questions? Contact us. We’ll help you build your system, today.


Local expertise, backed by national brands

When you choose Ion Solar Pros, your home solar is backed by a national brand and installed by our local experts.

We will customize your solar system according to local weather patterns, building materials and city codes.


iSP Local Operations and Customer Support

We’re a passionate team, proud to be at the forefront of solar technology and installation innovation that leads to reducing carbon emissions.   Our growing team is here to provide local expertise and renowned customer service.


Questions? Contact us. We’ll help you build your system, today.

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Seamless backup power when you need it most

Don't let bad weather or unexpected outages put your life on hold. By pairing battery storage with your solar system you can use excess energy generated during the day to power your essential appliances during an outage, such as running your refrigerator or keeping the lights on.

Battery back-up can help you make the most of the energy you produce - providing more freedom from time-of-use rates and even offsetting some of your evening usage.

isp_battery back up .webp

Going solar is easy with iSP

Our experts do the legwork. From determining whether your home is a good candidate for solar to matching you with the best solar system for your home, we are known for our customer service.

Our in-house installers are carefully selected and highly trained to help ensure your installation goes smoothly.

Evaluate your Home

Your Energy Consultant will assess your roof’s size and positioning to determine the best roof configuration for your system. 

Review your Energy Bills and Future Needs

We will evaluate your current energy bills and take into consideration your future plans (electric cars, a new pool, renova-tions, etc.).

Receive your Zero Commitment Savings Report

We’ll customize a solar solution for you with potential savings, and then provide a completely hassle-free experience.

Flexible financing, with $0 down options*

Financing home solar doesn’t have to be complicated. Ion Solar Pros offers three flexible payment options, so you can choose what’s right for you—cash, lease or loan.

With $0 down solar financing, you can start saving with little to no upfront costs.* And you may qualify for federal solar tax credits* with a cash purchase or our popular loans.

Questions? Contact us. We’ll help you build your system, today.

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