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Eversource’s $38 Rate Hike Sparks Outcry — Is it Time for Solar Energy Switch in CT?

Eversource’s $38 Rate Hike Sparks Outcry — Is it Time for Solar Energy Switch in CT?

If your Google search is currently focused on ways to offset increasing electricity costs — you're not alone.

Connecticut residents actively seek alternatives in response to the proposed Eversource rate increase of 19% or an additional $38 per month by May 2024. This hike comes as Eversource grapples with millions in unpaid balances accumulated during the COVID-19 pandemic's prolonged shutoff moratorium.

Faced with the escalating electricity costs, the talk on solar energy as a viable solution gains more traction — with Ion Solar Pros (ISP) emerging as a prominent player in the field.

The pressing question remains —  is it time for Connecticut residents to invest in solar power?

Exploring Solar Energy Benefits in CT

Exploring Solar Energy Benefits in CT

Choosing solar power in Connecticut brings substantial savings — but where and how?

1. Lowers Electricity Bill

Connecticut residents spend an average of $277 monthly on electricity, totaling $3,324 annually. However, the cost could escalate further, with the Eversource rate increase in CT by the year's second quarter.

Switching to solar panels in Connecticut offers significant savings on electricity bills. Going solar can eliminate these bills, resulting in substantial annual savings. This allows you to recoup your system's cost in just a few years, which leads to considerable cumulative savings over the equipment's lifespan after it covers its initial investment. Moreover, by adopting solar panels, you effectively secure your electricity rate, safeguarding against the historical trend of increasing rates for the anticipated 25+ years of panel performance.

2. Financial Benefits and Incentives

Governments at both state and federal levels encourage solar adoption through a range of incentives available to homeowners. Among these, the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) provides a credit against your federal income tax for the year of panel installation, amounting to 30% of your total system expense, which, on average in Connecticut, equates to around $7,853.

Additionally, there are various other solar incentives in Connecticut:

  • Net Metering: The state mandates net metering for public utilities, allowing homeowners to offset energy bills by overproducing with their panels.

  • Solar Loan Programs: Connecticut facilitates solar accessibility and affordability through state-funded and state-backed solar loans at reasonable interest rates and terms.

  • Property Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Systems: This exemption prevents property taxes from increasing due to the augmented home value of panel installation.

  • Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Solar and Geothermal Systems: This exemption spares you from paying the standard 6.35% state sales tax on your solar equipment and installation.

3. Property Value Bump

Residential properties with solar panel installations are often considered more attractive to potential buyers, as it offers long-term energy cost savings and environmental benefits. 

Connecticut homeowners benefit significantly from installing solar panels, as national data from Zillow indicates that the typical home can see an increase of approximately 4.1% in value with solar panel integration. The average home value in Connecticut is $378,114, which translates to an estimated increase of $15,506 in property value. Paired with the state's property tax exemption for renewable energy systems, this becomes an exceptional incentive for homeowners to switch to solar energy. 

4. Energy Independence and Reliability

Solar panels generate electricity directly from sunlight, which reduces reliance on traditional utility companies. This provides self-sufficiency and helps mitigate the impact of electricity price fluctuations. In times of power outages or disruptions, solar-powered homes can maintain a certain level of energy supply, ensuring the continued operation of essential appliances and systems. This added reliability can be particularly crucial during extreme weather events or emergencies.

So, Are Solar Panels Worth It in Connecticut?

So, Are Solar Panels Worth It in Connecticut?

On average, homeowners achieve an impressive return on investment (ROI) with solar, paying off their systems faster than the national average. Considering the impending Eversource increase in CT, assessing the viability of solar for your energy needs becomes even more pertinent. To determine if solar is right for you, follow these steps:

1. Assess Electricity Consumption: Analyze your monthly energy usage to gauge the potential benefits of solar. Higher consumption often means more significant savings and overall value from solar panels.

2. Evaluate the Cost of Going Solar in CT: Despite Connecticut's lower energy consumption, its higher electricity rates make solar panels a worthwhile investment. The elevated electricity prices in the state result in a faster ROI, making solar financially attractive. Connect with ISP for an accurate solar panel quote in your area.

3. Calculate Solar Payback Period: Connecticut boasts a shorter average payback period of 8 years compared to the national average of 12 years. A quicker payback means faster net savings, especially in a state with high electricity prices. ISP can estimate your payback period for a more precise assessment.

4. Examine Sunlight Availability: Solar panels thrive on sunlight, and Connecticut's 194 sunny days per year contribute to their effectiveness. Consider your roof's direction and potential shading from trees or buildings, as south- and west-facing roofs receive optimal sunlight.

Ready to Flip the Switch? Explore ISP's Solar Solutions Now!

Ready to Flip the Switch? Explore ISP's Solar Solutions Now!

Connecticut's switch to solar panels significantly reduces monthly electricity bills and unlocks financial benefits and incentives, including the federal solar investment tax credit and state-level programs. Homeowners can also anticipate a boost in property value, increased energy independence, long-term savings, and enhanced reliability during power outages. 

Need help evaluating your home's solar potential? Contact ISP today! As the leading solar company near you, we ensure residents make well-informed decisions in light of Eversource's increase in CT and other pressing matters, maximizing the benefits of green energy.

Switch to solar energy — call us now!



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