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Go Solar for the Holidays!

We Americans use a lot of electricity during the holidays, from powering Christmas lights and decorations to using kitchen appliances for cooking big holiday meals. Even if your house looks nothing like Clark Griswold’s in Christmas Vacation, you’re likely to notice a sharp jump in your electric bill come January. And that’s not even counting steep rate increases that take effect January 1, 2022 in some states such as Connecticut.

With raging inflation that further takes a bite out of your wallet for everything from gas to groceries, it’s a good time to take control of whatever costs you can and consider going solar. The average residential homeowner can expect to save more than a thousand dollars a year on utility bills with a solar energy system. In addition, homeowners who own, not lease, their solar energy systems for their primary or secondary residences are eligible for a federal tax credit and in many states, tax incentives, rebates, and discounts. The federal tax credit, known as the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is 26 percent through December 31, 2022. While you’ll have an entire year to get your solar system up and running and still be eligible for the tax credit, the sooner it’s installed, the sooner you start saving.

Ion Solar Pros can provide you with a detailed estimate of how much your savings are likely to be and how many solar panels you’ll need. The question often arises from those in northern states whether it’s worthwhile to have a solar energy system when hours of daylight are short in the winter. The answer is yes, solar power can be generated even on cloudy days and in inclement weather. And even colder climates are ideal for solar energy systems because solar cells produce electricity more efficiently in colder temperatures. Energy is generated not by the heat of the sun, but by the sun’s light. This is why solar panels are used in some of the coldest places on the earth, such as Antarctica.

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