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Is Your Home a Good Candidate for Solar?

When you decide to equip your home with solar panels, you are not just conserving your finances, but also contributing to the reduction of detrimental carbon emissions. It's a thrilling prospect, indeed. However, there are some important queries you need to resolve before you go ahead with this sustainable venture. Here are a few crucial questions you should consider for ensuring solar power is the right fit for your home and your circumstances:

Will I need a new roof to install solar panels?

Solar panels are best installed on roofs that are in good condition. Therefore, inspecting the state of your roof is crucial to decide the feasibility of solar power for your home. Depending on your roof's age, you might need to consider repair or replacement before installing solar panels. However, the promising news is that almost every type of roof, be it asphalt, shingled, or clay tile, can support solar panels. Ion Solar Pros, your professional solar provider, will evaluate your roof's suitability early in the process.

Will my home require rewiring to accommodate solar power?

Generally, a comprehensive rewiring for solar power isn't required. What is necessary, though, is to ensure you have sufficient space in your electrical service panel to include the solar input. This will be determined by an Ion Solar Pros technician during your home visit.

Does the orientation of my home affect solar energy production?

While southern-facing homes were traditionally considered the most suitable for solar panels because they gathered the most sun energy, advancements in solar technology allow high-performance panels to harness plenty of clean energy regardless of the roof's orientation—even during cloudy days. In fact, some utilities pay more for solar energy supplied to the grid during peak demand times, such as later in the day. Therefore, western or southwestern-facing roofs that capture more of the setting sun can often generate solar energy that's of higher value to the homeowner. 

Will I need to cut down trees to optimize solar energy production?

Maximizing the solar energy from your roof may require some tree trimming to allow maximum sunlight exposure. However, modern solar technology has minimized the need for extensive tree removal. For instance, the AC solar panels in a system installed by Ion Solar Pros ensure optimal sunlight capture, even in areas prone to shade. Ion Solar Pros will assist you in selecting the most appropriate solar panel for your home.

Will installing solar power decrease my house's value?

Not at all. Multiple studies have consistently demonstrated that energy upgrades like solar power can actually enhance a home's value. The extent of this increase depends on various factors, such as the home’s location, the availability of performance-based solar incentives, and the age of the PV system.

What savings can I realistically expect with solar power?

The most pressing question around home solar power is: how much can it truly save you? This is influenced by the available roof space, your electricity requirements, the choice of solar panels, and the utility's valuation of solar power. Luckily, solar installation costs have significantly decreased over the past decade, making solar energy an attractive investment regardless of where you live.

If you would like to learn more about going solar please contact Ion Solar Pros at 866-582-0000 for a quick Zero Commitment Savings Report.


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