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Silfab Solar Panels: Designed for North American Homeowners

Silfab Solar is a leading North American manufacturer of ultra-high-efficiency, premium-quality solar panels. With 40 years of solar experience, Silfab operates multiple ISO 9001–2015 certified production facilities in Bellingham and Burlington in the state of Washington, and in Toronto, Canada. The company’s mission is “to make a difference in the world by reducing carbon emissions and improving access to clean energy with every module we make.”

Silfab solar panels are designed for the North American market and climate, and are engineered to withstand harsh, cold, and snowy conditions, as well as extreme heat and humidity. Panels are also tested and certified for salt mist exposure and ammonia corrosion resistance. The panels last at near to full capability for more than 25 years, tending to degrade only 0.5% a year.

Silfab Prime Series panels are the company’s core, premium, residential solar panels, with two product offerings in the series: the SIL-370 HC and SIL-400 HC+. Both products in the series maximize energy collection and conversion. While most residential installations are done on roofs, Silfab panels can also be used for ground-mounted systems. The panels’ all-black design complements any roof and looks sleek and elegant.

Silfab’s reliability ratings are some of the highest in the solar energy industry, and they back their products with a 25-year warranty on product workmanship and a 30-year linear performance warranty. If you sell your home within that time frame, the warranty is transferred automatically with the title of the house to the new homeowner.

Interested in knowing more and saving money on your electric bill? There’s no better time to investigate your options for solar energy, given the steep utility price hikes happening in the Northeast. Contact Ion Solar Pros today at 866-582-0000.


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