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Soak up the Sun and Save with On-Grid Solar Systems

On-grid solar systems are the most popular solar setup in the country, and for good reason. Here’s how a typical home is powered by the system over the course of a day, beginning at night when everyone is asleep.

Evening: There’s no solar, so the home’s energy needs are powered by electricity imported by the grid. However, little energy is used besides power required for the refrigerator, chest freezer, phone chargers, and maybe the heating or cooling system of the house.

Morning: As the family wakes up and prepares for their day, energy use spikes with demand for the hot water heater for showers, hair dryers, the microwave, and other kitchen appliances. While solar does kick in, the sun is not strong yet so grid import continues to meet the demand.

Midday: The sun is high in the sky and the solar energy system reaches maximum output. However, energy usage is still low since the residents are out working or at school, so the excess energy generated is exported to the grid. This will result in a credit for the homeowner on their electricity bill. In states that permit net metering, the homeowner can sell this excess energy at the same rate at which they bought it.

Late Afternoon: The solar system continues to export energy to the grid.

Early Evening: After sunset, there is no additional solar energy generated, and usage is up as the family returns home to make dinner, watch TV, etc. Import from the grid rises to meet this increased demand. However, the energy imported from the grid is offset by the excess energy produced during the day. With a properly designed system, on-grid solar energy can achieve a 100 percent offset of the home’s power requirements, resulting in a zero net usage charge.

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