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Superstores Harness the Sun

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

The next time you shop at a mall or at a big-box store such as Walmart, Home Depot, or Target, you may notice solar panels on the rooftops. According to a recent report released by Environment America, the United States has 40 times as much solar electricity generation capacity today as it did ten years ago, and the technical potential to produce 78 times as much energy as it did in 2020. More and more businesses are finding that it makes financial sense to install solar energy systems.

Take Walmart. The report notes that the average Walmart has a rooftop the size of three football fields, and solar panels on a roof that size could power 200 homes. With more than 100,000 superstores and shopping centers around the country, Environment America estimates that solar panels on all of these stores could enable them to meet half of their annual electricity needs, the equivalent of generating enough power for nearly 8 million homes. Besides reducing reliance on the grid and saving money, businesses with solar would also significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Ikea are leading the pack when it comes to on-site solar generation. When paired with solar battery storage, businesses can realize even more savings by using stored energy during times of peak demand, when commercial electricity charges are at their highest.

Rooftops aren’t the only way for companies to take advantage of solar power. In February 2021, IKEAannounced the completion of its first solar car park at its store in Baltimore, and seven projects at IKEA stores are in the works in California and Maryland. The solar panels were added to the top of the store’s parking garage, acting as a canopy to shade cars and produce enough energy to meet more than half of its electricity needs in the first four months of implementation.

Sustainable, clean energy improves the economy, the environment, and human health. Contact ion Solar Pros for more information.


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