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What Solar Owners Should Know about Battery Storage

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Record-breaking heat, wildfires, severe winter and summer storms are just a few of the reasons thousands of people have experienced blackouts in states such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Texas and California. So what happens when a home is powered by solar and there’s a power outage?

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Many people mistakenly believe that solar homes are independent of the power grid, but in fact solar systems are in partnership with the utility company. This means that solar homes will also have their power shut off to prevent damage to electrical devices and protect utility workers fixing the lines from being electrocuted by residual power surging back to the grid.

However, there is a viable alternative. Pairing a solar system with a solar battery allows homeowners to use the energy their solar panels have collected. Excess electricity charges the battery, and this supply of stored energy can temporarily power lights, electronics, and important appliances, such as the refrigerator, during a power outage. It’s like having a generator but without the noise, fuel costs, and maintenance requirements. A solar battery system can also make stored energy available for use at night or during periods of peak demand. Solar batteries are safe, more compact than a whole-house generator and require little, if no, maintenance costs.

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The battery capacity required depends on the size of the house and solar system, the homeowner’s energy needs, and the type of battery. The battery storage system is connected to back-up breakers that are linked to the appliances and outlets selected. During an outage, the battery storage system automatically switches to solar battery power. It’s simple and convenient.

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Battery storage offers peace of mind when the power goes out, and it’s clean energy. Moreover, state and federal tax incentives and rebates lower the purchase and installation costs of solar battery systems, making them more affordable.


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