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A Solar Energy Journey: B. Swanson's Experience with iSP in Cromwell, CT - Updated

How Choosing the Right Solar Company Led to Savings, Satisfaction, and an Unexpected (First Partial Month of Install) Net Generation Credit

The transition to renewable energy is gaining momentum, and more homeowners are considering solar power as a viable option for their energy needs. In this case study, we explore the experience of B Swanson, a homeowner in Cromwell, Connecticut, who decided to go solar with iSP (Ion Solar Pros). We will discuss the factors that led to this decision, the installation process, the overall satisfaction with the investment, and an exciting update regarding Mr. Swanson's first partial month electric bill, which featured a net generation credit of negative $222.82.

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The Catalyst for Change: Rising Electricity Bills

Swanson's decision to go solar was largely driven by soaring electricity bills, which reached over $600 in some months. With a pool and air conditioning to maintain, Swanson was concerned about the impact of the recent wave of rate increases on their household budget.

The Quest for the Perfect Solar Provider

Determined to find the best solar solution, Swanson obtained quotes from three companies: Trinity, iSP, and Sunrun. The choice ultimately came down to several factors, including the knowledge of the salesperson, the equipment offered, panel appearance, ratings, and recommendations from acquaintances. Price played a role as well, with iSP falling in the middle range among the three companies.

(Photo of iSP solar system design software in action)

Smooth Sailing: The Installation Process

Swanson praised the iSP installation team for their professionalism, friendliness, and quality of work. Although the entire process took three months due to Swanson's preference for a March installation, it could have been completed within two months. The installation itself was done in just two days.

(Facebook post of installation in progress)

(Finished installation)

Referrals and Overall Satisfaction

Swanson's positive experience with iSP has led to referrals for the company among friends, with two or three of them considering iSP for their solar needs. While the referral bonus offered by iSP is a nice incentive, Swanson emphasizes that the referrals would have been made regardless. Now that Swanson has gone solar, there is a sense of satisfaction and relief from the burden of high electricity bills.

The Exciting Update: Net Generation Credit

In a delightful turn of events, Mr. Swanson recently received his first partial month electric bill and was thrilled to discover a net generation credit of negative $222.82. This credit signifies that his solar panels produced more electricity than he consumed, resulting in a credit towards future energy bills. Mr. Swanson is incredibly happy with the performance of his solar system and the financial benefits it has provided.

Choosing iSP for Cutting-Edge Technology

During Swanson's research process, one of the companies he shopped informed him that they were installing panels from their inventory that were three years old. This revelation further solidified Mr. Swanson's decision to choose iSP. By partnering with iSP, he knew he would receive the most current and advanced solar technology available on the market. This ensured that his investment would incorporate the latest developments for optimal performance and efficiency.


B. Swanson's journey to solar energy highlights the importance of researching solar providers and considering various factors. By choosing iSP, Swanson found a solution that met their needs and expectations, resulting in a positive experience and significant savings. Moreover, the unexpected net generation credit of negative $222.82 on his first partial month electric bill has further enhanced Mr. Swanson's satisfaction with his decision to install solar with iSP. The knowledge that iSP utilizes cutting-edge technology solidified his choice, as he wanted to benefit from the most current advancements in the solar industry. Homeowners considering the switch to solar power can learn from Swanson's

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