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How does SunVault™ Battery Storage Work?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

It’s never a good time to lose electricity, and what if your fridge and freezer are filled with perishable food? What if you’re self-employed or work from home and every hour you can’t work is money out of your pocket? Power outages are not just frustrating and inconvenient, they can be extremely costly, and often there’s no way to recoup those costs.

Enter SunVault™ Storage, which can provide seamless backup to power your lights, computers, and essential appliances during outages. So how does it work? When you pair a solar energy system with a solar battery, excess electricity charges the battery. The battery storage system is connected to back-up breakers that are linked to the appliances and outlets you select. During an outage, the battery storage system automatically switches to solar battery power. Easy-peasy!

This stored energy not only saves the day when there’s a power outage, it can also be available for use at night or during periods of peak demand. When your battery is depleted in the evening, your home will seamlessly shift to drawing electricity from the grid. Intelligent software determines which power source to use, which maximizes use of solar and reduces peak-time charges. You can also opt to sell back excess electricity to the utility company and receive credits on your bill.

How does a solar battery compare to a generator? The SunVault Storage battery is safe, has little or no maintenance costs, and is more compact than a whole-house generator. Generators have regular maintenance requirements, take up a lot of room, and remain idle unless there’s a blackout. They require fossil fuels to run, unlike solar batteries that generate clean energy from the sun, and their ongoing expense means they never pay for themselves.

Ready to learn more? Call Ion Solar Pros at 866-582-0000 and let our experts help you choose the battery storage system that best meets your needs.


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