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[Middlebury, CT – August 2, 2023] – Ion Solar Pros (iSP), a trailblazer in the renewable energy industry, is proud to announce the launch of its Powerlink PowerHouse Systems. This innovative line of solar energy packages is poised to redefine sustainable energy solutions for homeowners.

The Powerlink PowerHouse Systems come in three meticulously designed packages: Pro, Pro Plus, and Pro MX, each tailored to meet unique energy requirements and designed with the highest industry standards in mind.

The Powerlink PowerHouse Pro Package includes ULTRA Low Profile Tier 1 Panels with 20.1% module efficiency and a 25-year panel warranty. It is also equipped with a string inverter, designed to work flawlessly with power optimizers.

For those seeking increased power, the Powerlink PowerHouse Pro Plus Package offers improved module efficiency at 20.6% and an impressive degradation rate of only 0.50% after 25 years. This package is amplified by the inclusion of intelligent microinverters, designed to maximize solar production.

The Powerlink PowerHouse Pro MX Package takes performance to the next level with ULTRA Low Profile Tier 1 Panels that deliver an extraordinary 22.2% module efficiency and a mere 0.25% degradation rate after 25 years, coupled with a 40-year panel warranty, pushing the boundaries of longevity and efficiency in solar power technology.

All packages come with a pioneering promise, the PowerHouse Pledge. This industry-leading pledge includes an installation promise to start within 90 days (or they will pay $500*), the option for customers to change or cancel their agreement without penalties or fees up to the date of installation, a promise of professional installation, constant communication throughout the project, provision of the most advanced products, and a commitment to remotely monitor the systems throughout the warranty period.

What sets iSP apart from most solar providers is their customer-first approach. In a bold move to empower customers, iSP offers quotes for all three systems to each customer, giving them the power to make informed decisions based on their unique energy needs and budget considerations. This approach mirrors the business models of successful companies like Apple and Dell, allowing customers to "shop within the brand" and choose the most suitable product.

"At iSP, we believe in equipping our customers with choice and information," said Bill Barrieau, CEO of Ion Solar Pros. "By providing quotes for all three Powerlink PowerHouse Systems, we're enabling them to select the most suitable solution for their specific needs, marking a significant departure from industry norms."

"We are proud to introduce these customer-centric products," said Fred Stevens, Director of Product Sales at Ion Solar Pros. "Our Pro, Pro Plus, and Pro MX packages are a testament to our commitment to easily accessible, sustainable, efficient, and technologically advanced energy solutions."

For more information about the Powerlink PowerHouse Systems or to schedule a product demonstration, visit, or call 866-582-0000.

About Ion Solar Pros:

Ion Solar Pros, headquartered in Middlebury, CT, is a progressive provider of solar energy solutions, committed to guiding customers towards energy independence. They lead the transition towards easily accessible, efficient, renewable, and cost-effective solar energy solutions.

For more information:

Contact: Public Relations Department, Ion Solar Pros



*See terms on Statement of Understanding


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